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Reduces skin irritation due to shaving.
Tightens & Moisturizes skin.
Medicated to promote healing of razor bumps.
Non greasy with a clean, pleasant fragrance.


Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner

Prior to the introduction of Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner, men who experienced shaving problems such as skin irritation, redness, razor bumps, itching and pain due to shaving had to simply suffer, or stop shaving all together. Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner is the first after shave lotion which allows any man who desires the clean shaven look to have it. Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner was developed by a pharmacologist to solve his own shaving problems.

Who Should Use Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner

Anyone who shaves and experiences any form of skin irritation will benefit from the healing properties of Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner. No matter what your skin type or age, this soothing lotion will help keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy looking.

What is Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner ? Why is it different?

Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner is a mixture of carefully selected ingredients, including natural substances, which have proven themselves, over several decades, to promote healing. Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner also has astringent and moisturizing properties. It is not composed primarily of water and fragrance. In addition to moisturizing the skin as water does, the ingredients found in Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner promote the healing of skin damage and razor bumps due to shaving. This product also helps prevent the development of common problems associated with shaving if used according to directions. The fragrance is mild and pleasant and can be worn as a cologne.

How to Apply

Apply daily (morning & night) and always after you shave. For best results, cleanse face with a mild soap before applying. For severe irritation, let first application dry, then apply again. Always pour Jodian Medicated After Shave & Skin Conditioner in the palm of your hand and apply with fingers or rub hands together and apply.


I did a small survey with my patients, both black and white, using "Jodian After Shave," and found them to be very satisfied with the results.

Terry Sharpe, M.D.
Dermatology/ Atlanta, GA.



I've tried Jodian After Shave...and it's the best!

P.F.C. Jarrist K. Mazycle
U.S. Marine Corp.


I am writing you first to let you know how much I like your product, Jodian Medicated After Shave,...It is the best after shave that I have bought.

Capt. Calvin Dixon
U.S. Army


While stationed at Fort Gordon, GA. a friend introduced me to the product which worked wonders with my facial hair bump problem.

SFC Philip Douglas
Okinawa, Japan


...It is the best after shave I have ever used, believe me. It works for me and eventually improved my skin and it brings a freshness after your shave.

Steven Soyebo
London, England


This Jodian product improved the condition of my skin and also it made my skin smoother. However, I would totally recommend it to anyone who shaves, not only for those people who have skin problems but for anyone who wants to have smooth skin.

Benny Burch
Atlanta, GA


...I think your product is just wonderful, however, I have not been able to find any in my home town!

Charles Dewell
Charlottesville, VA


I have used your product and found it to be profoundly effective...

Peter Walker
Providence, RI


...I used it from one of my friends, and it seems to be perfectly wonderful. My razor bumps are all gone as well as the itching.

Samuel B. Wogbeh
Pawtucket, RI


I, James Porter, was introduced to your, "Medicated After Shave Skin Conditioner" in Sept. of 1990 in Charlotte, N.C. I followed your instructions and within two days the results were unbelievable.

James Porter
Inwood, New York